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Choosing the Correct Pump for a Waterfall

There are 2 very important measurements that are needed when choosing which pump to use for your waterfall. The height (head) measurement from the waters surface to the highest point of your waterfall, and a width measurement, most importantly at the point the water pours back into the pond.

There are many different effects you may want to achieve with a waterfall, from a slow meandering stream to a raging torrent. As a guide, use a flow of 1000 litres per hour per 10cm width of waterfall for a good looking effect giving a pleasant running water sound. Use a slower flow rate for a gentler flow and up to double for a strong, fast cascade of water.

However, you still need to take the head height into consideration; as an example, waterfall of 40cm wide and 1m high:

40cm = flow requirement of 4000 LPH, therefore, you need a pump that can deliver 4000 LPH @ a 1m head height.

Lastly, it is important to take hose size into consideration. Always use as large a bore size hose as you can, especially if there is a long run of hose that has to be used.

If you require any assistance choosing the right pump for your requirements call us on 02 96514111 and we will guide you through.