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Getting the most from Pond Lighting

When looking to add illumination to a pond or water feature, it is important to think about what you would like to achieve. Are you looking to illuminate the whole pond or accentuate a feature such as a fountain, waterfall or statue?

There are many different lights to choose from, LED or Halogen, spotlights or floodlights. Here, we will go through each requirement with a recommended light fixture to achieve the best effect.

Illumination of a pond: Halogen lights are better for large scale illumination; a 20watt halogen lamp is capable of illuminating up to 3m into the water. A wider angle light will be better, over 20° angle (30° on smaller lights) is ideal to floodlight a pond. The OASE Lunaqua 3 and 10 systems are ideal for any pond size and can be used in or out of the water*

Spotlight effects on fountains or waterfalls: Moving water and light work amazingly well together; strategically positioned LED lights just under the lip of a waterfall or directed up into the spray of a fountain give dramatic effects. The OASE Lunaqua Mini, Maxi and Lunaqua 10 LED range are all great additions for clear, crisp illumination, especially when used in shallow water. All of these lights are also suitable for use in or out of the water so it is possible to highlight objects or plants around the periphery of the water garden.

Illuminating a stream: As with spotlighting a fountain or waterfall, the illumination of a moving stream can create a dynamic effect. Using small LED lights such as the Lunaqua Mini’s, which can be easily hidden in shallow water, every movement of a gentle stream or raging torrent can be illuminated.

*Lunaqua 10 with 75 watt Halogen must be used under water.