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Rainwater Tanks and Pumps

At Dural Irrigation we highly recommend RapidPlas rain water tanks for their durability and strength. They are manufactured from food grade polyethylene plastic for algae, taste and fiber free clean drinking water. Conforming to Australian standards are fully UV stabilised to protect against the harsh Australian elements. One piece construction ensures seamless walls for durability and impact resistant. Available in 16 colours to match Colorbond® colours. Please contact us for further information and our helpful qualified staff will give you assistance in choosing the right tank to suit your site or see the current RapidPlas Catalogue.

A rainwater pump can supply adequate water pressure for one or two outlets and provide ample water pressure for your garden watering needs. The recommended choice of pumps is the Davey Rainbank. Click here for Rain Water Harvesting Pumps.
Submersible pumps can also offer a simple installation which is quieter and neater as the pump sits inside the rainwater tank. Click here for Submersible Pumps.

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