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Davey Torrium Pump Controller

Product Description:

The Davey Torrium controller is an advanced micro-processor equipped pump controller that measures flow, pressure, voltage and time to provide excellent pump control for home pressure systems.

The Torrium® pump controller starts the pump on pressure drop and stops pump on low flow (~2 lpm), thus reducing pump cycling for constant and even water pressure.

Torrium® measures the pump shut off head each time the pump stops, and sets the cut-in pressure at 80% of shut-off head, so that the consumer is unlikely to notice any pressure change when the pump is switched on. Torrium® adapts each time the pump stops, thus allowing the system to accommodate variations in pump performance or site conditions. Torrium® has a simple indicator and fault LED system. Red constant means that the system is in standby. Green constant means the pump is running.


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DAVEY T45 TORRIUM CONTROLLER 150KP-450KPA T45 $269.50 $234.47
DAVEY T70 TORRIUM CONTROLLER 450KPA-700KPA T70 $269.50 $234.47
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Davey Torrium Pump Controller

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