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Oase Water Treatments

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How do I know which OASE treatment to use?

Some water treatments are easy to work out because they target a specific problem. e.g. OASEPondclean kills algae that turn ponds green and OASE Pondzyme cleans up sludge from the bottom of the pond. Whilst all of these treatments are beneficial for you pond some of them might need further explanation as to how they work. You can get further information by reading the packaging and instructions on the bottles. Or Contact Us for more advice.

Product Description Item Code RRP Price Quantity
OASE OXYGEN STABILISER 500Ml 31920 $26.95 $26.36
OASE POND CLEAR 500ML 31923 $39.99 $39.99
OASE HARDNESS PLUS 500Ml 31922 $49.95 $49.95
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Oase Water Treatments

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