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Toro Rain Sensor

Product Description:

The rain switch will shut-off your irrigation system when it rains, to conserve water. When installed you no longer have to worry about the embarrassment of your lawn sprinkling system running during a rain storm, and wasting water.

The rain switch consists of a small piece of PVC tubing with mounting hardware and wiring. The wiring connects to the Toro irrigation control panel for your irrigation system. The PVC tube is slotted to collect rainfall. When rain enters the slotted tube, leather washers expand and contact a shut-off switch. Once the Toro Rain Switch accumulates 1/8" to 1" of rainfall, it automatically shuts off your sprinkler system. It is easily installed and connected to the irrigation system controller.

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TORO RAIN SHUT OFF SENSOR 850-74 $67.10 $41.80
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Toro Rain Sensor

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