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Hydrawise WiFi Controller

Product Description:

A HydraWise Controller operates solenoids or valves attached to your garden’s irrigation system in exactly the same way that 20th century controllers do.
The difference is that your HydraWise Controller also is automatically connected to the internet via a standard wireless router. This allows your HydraWise Controller to automatically adjust watering schedules based on forecast temperature and rainfall based on the weather in your area.
With Hydrawise there’s no need to understand wireless networking and no need for you configure your router to use your controller from anywhere in the world. If you’ve ever connected your computer to the internet by typing in your wireless password then you can install and use Hydrawise.
There’s also no need to install your own weather station – with over 48,000 weather stations in our system there’s bound to be one near you.
Configuration of your HydraWise Controller is easy and is done using a standard web browser. You can control it from your computer or even a smart phone such as an iPhone or Android phone.

For more information and how-tos follow the link to HydraWise support

Download: Hydrawise Specs - Take Control.pdf

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Hydrawise WiFi Controller 6 Station Indoor HWC-006-AU $500.00 $445.80
Hydrawise WiFi Controller 6 Station Outdoor HWC-006-OD $650.00 $579.15
Hydrawise WiFi Controller 12 Station Indoor HWC-012-AU $700.00 $623.70
Hydrawise WiFi Controller 12 Station Outdoor HWC-012-OD $725.00 $641.52
Hydrawise 20mm Flow Meter HC075FLOWB $330.00 $294.03
Hydrawise 25mm Flow Meter HC100FLOWB $410.00 $365.31
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Hydrawise WiFi Controller

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