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NEW Techline AS-XR 13mm Sub-Surface

Product Description:

BRAND NEW Netafim Techline AS-XR has been designed and manufactured by incorporating Copper Oxide in the mould of the diaphragm cover to be used as a chemical-free root intrusion barrier.

As with all Netafim Techline products, they don't suck! It now has an anti siphon device built into it to prevent "suck back", ensuring that it won't block up.

Techline AS-XR is a 13mm (1/2") ID, high-grade, UV stable brown poly dripline with pressure regulating drippers inside the drip tube. It provides a unique and cost effective solution to combat root intrusion.

  • The impregnation of Copper Oxide ensures minimal deterioration to the tubing and no replacement of chemical injected filter units needed.
  • Reduces water usage by up to 60%
  • Self flushing of debris as it is detected
  • Used for sub-surface irrigation only
  • Pressure compensating for sloping gardens

It is recommended to install a filter, pressure regulator, air release valve and line flushing valve with all dripline systems.

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TECHLINE AS-XR 0.3M SPACING 1.6 LPH 200M COIL 14735-002500 $328.90 $287.79
TECHLINE AS-XR 0.4M SPACING 1.6 LPH 200M COIL 14735-002600 $308.55 $269.98
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NEW Techline AS-XR 13mm Sub-Surface

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